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Our Story

Kass is the dog in the photo at the beach. This photo was taken 2 weeks before I made the heartbreaking decision to say good bye.

Kassa Bella was my first dog. She was the usual naughty puppy and many times wondered what we had done. By the time she was a year old she was my companion and soul mate. She was an amazing dog who loved learning new things. She was a natural at agility, tracking and paws to music, loving every moment of it. More so than I.  At 2.5 she was diagnosed with bone cancer of the jaw. We were devastated. I was in a dog cancer group looking for answers when I was asked to join a small group of 5 essentially started by Anna and Cindy called Bone Cancer Dogs.

BCD has grown into a non profit organisation dedicated to funding research, awareness, education and support for families with bone cancer dogs. The organisation regularly donates money for bone cancer research.

Kass bravely fought for 10 months and on 09/02/2004 (2 weeks after this photo) I let her go with dignity before the cancer ruined her beautiful face.

A close friend Lyn was diagnosed with bone cancer. Once again I was devastated. Over the years I watched Lyn fight, go into remission only to have the cancer return and fight again. Like Kass she fought a very brave battle. Refusing to give in.

Watching someone close to you fight and not be able to do anything is so hard. I wanted to help, but didn’t know what to do. When she could no longer work I would visit regularly and on one visit took the collars I was making for a friend in the USA.. Lyn became animated as she thought of new ideas insisting I sell them. No one would buy them…She insisted. One day going home in tears as I often did I thought. I can sell them.I can sell them and the proceeds go to the bone cancer and in my small way hope I can help others like her and Kassa fight this. Lynn loved working with the collars, her pain seemed to ease as together we had coffees, laughing forgetting the black cloud that hung over us. Some would be amazing and others would have us in tears of laughter wondering what was in our coffee.

After a head injury I have trouble putting the hardware on and Lyn would giggle and give me the confidence to go on with them.

Lyn was the most amazing gentle person who had a way about her that you followed her in what needed doing. Even during her fight she was still thought of others. One day I said I hate cancer it isn’t fair. Her reply was “I don’t want it either, but I hope a child is saved by me having it”.

Lynn met the first grand child she so longed to see she lost her battle.  Doing collars wasn’t the same without her, so stopped. Those with cancer can’t say I don’t want to do it any more so what right did I have to give up.

 I am proud of our efforts and sad Lyn can not be here to see the end result. I know she would be smiling from ear to ear all excited for the new ones we would make together. It is hard going on without her beside me, but we have to go on and continue to fight for those the beast has taken.

No human or animal should ever have to fight the fight they fought.

Cancer can take our loved ones, but can never take the memories. In memory of Kassa and my wonderful friend Lyn. Forever in my heart. You will never be forgotten.


Due to the exchange rate I now donate to New Zealand Cancer Research Trust.https://www.cancerresearchtrustnz.org.nz/

USA dollars still go to BCD.

Visit Bone Cancer Dogs

We believe dogs and their families do not have to battle this disease alone

I live in New Zealand with 2 Labradors. In 2005 I lost my 3 year old Labrador to bone cancer of the jaw. Feeling helpless seeing a friend fight bone cancer I decided to make handmade collars with 50% of the profits going to the Bone Cancer Dogs Org. for bone cancer research. Together we can make a difference.

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