Snuffle Balls




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Handmade fleece snuffle balls.

A snuffle ball is a great enrichment puzzle toy for dogs with sleeves or pockets usually made of polar fleece fabric. Snuffle balls are designed to hide treats  inside so they can sniff them out.


Please supervise pets with toys as they can chew the fleece. My greedy Labradors haven’t.


I am techinically challenged when it comes to the web site and still sorting the snuffle balls and mats.

I live in New Zealand with 2 Labradors. In 2005 I lost my 3 year old Labrador to bone cancer of the jaw. Feeling helpless seeing a friend fight bone cancer I decided to make handmade collars with 50% of the profits going to the Bone Cancer Dogs Org. for bone cancer research. Together we can make a difference.

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