At the moment there are 2 types I make. The step in figure 8 in the first photo and one with the breast plate and piece down the back which is in the second photo I am working on the no pull front attached harness. They can be made in any of the fabrics if it in stock.


Small 14 – 18 inches 1/2 inch Large Breed Puppies, Jack Russell Terriers, Shelties
Medium 19 – 25 inches 3/4 inch Border Collies, Spaniels
Large 25 – 35 inches 1 inch Labradors, German Shepherds
X-Large 34 – 46 inches 1 inch Mastiffs, Rottweilers

If you want to measure your dog, take measurement neck and girth (just behind front legs).

I live in New Zealand with 2 Labradors. In 2005 I lost my 3 year old Labrador to bone cancer of the jaw. Feeling helpless seeing a friend fight bone cancer I decided to make handmade collars with 50% of the profits going to the Bone Cancer Dogs Org. for bone cancer research. Together we can make a difference.

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