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The Models

The models have not always been willing participants, but treats usually get them to sit still while measurements and adjustments are made, being laughed at when a new creation looks ridiculous, and the endless photos with me trying to get the best look. This part has always been the hardest and often ends up with one or other of them throwing up  their paws in surrender and escaping outside for some peace. Often refusing to let me get near the collar before they roll in something nasty.


Ernie the top model is 10.  He is Kassas litter mate and I adopted him in May 2005 when his family went back to Singapore.  Together we have changed and today have a bond I never thought I would have again after Kassa. We lose countless meals to him, he chews our clothes, loves to swim, run away, and makes me laugh. He has bad joints, IBD and each year with him is a blessing. In the last 7 years his antics have had me wanting to pull my hair out, laughed more than I thought possible with a dog and given me enough material to write a large book. I wouldn’t change our Ernie Bernie or Grizzly (for grizzly bear) for anything in the world. Erns favourite thought is… If you can’t chew it, pee on it and walk away.

Vets told me Erns wouldn’t be an old dog… 8 would be a miracle. September 2016 Erns blew a disc in his spine and dragged his back end. At almost 15 surgery was out. I thought I would lose him and the vet said give him some time, but prepare myself for him to be paralysed. We had been down before, but I didn’t want him unable to walk or in pain. Several times in the next few weeks I though I would lose him. He has defied all medical science and once again pulled through. June 2017 he is 15 years 7 months still eating like a Lab and loving life. I treasure each day with my top model.

Sadly at 15 years 10 months I lost my top model, companion and heart dog in September 2017. We had been unable to get food for him, which pushed his kidneys too far and he went into kidney failure. In true Ernie fashion he chose the time and place to tell us he wanted to go. While at the vets he lay down and told us. With dignity I let him go. My head knew it was the right thing to do, my heart is broken.


Adorable 4 year old Gemma came into our lives next. In 2009 John went back to the USA and while Laura was there Gems stayed. Over the next 2 years she spent a lot of time with us and became part of the family until she went to live with John in the USA. Gem Gem loved Erns as much as he loved her and we miss her. Gems favourite thought is… You gonna play ball with me… are you… are you… come on play.

No matter where Gem Gem is in the world she will always be part of our family. Sadly in 2016 Gems was diagnosed with bone cancer. The very thing I hoped would never happen again. Her font leg was amputated and we thought we would be ok. At the time of the surgery it was discovered she had cancer in the nose. Six weeks after amputated she was back doing agility. Our beautiful amazing Gem Gem lost the fight 9 months later.


Then came adorable 5 year old Tess in July 2011. I decided to adopt another Lab as Erns loved Gems and I thought he would miss her too much. The moment I saw Tess my head said run.She smelt, nipped, had allergies, and fur missing. Her owners used to love her before the kids came, but now didn’t even know where she slept. I couldn’t afford another dog with long term vet bills, but I had to get her out of there. I decided to take her home, bath her and rehome her. The next day the vet said she was in such a bad way they couldn’t give meds until we got her a bit better. No one was ever going to do this to her again so decided to keep her. It has been a long road with Tess due to her allergies, yeast infections, and bad ears. We may never get her right, but am glad she is with us. I knew under that grubby, furless dog was going to be the wonderful heart dog she is. My beautiful Ma Brown loves everyone and adores Ernie. A little too much. She has become his protege learning the naughty things much better than the good things. Tessas favourite thought after is it dinner time is… I love people so much I want to lick them death… let me lick you… Summer when everyone is wearing shorts is her favourite time. Not everyone appreciates this love from Tessa and many have had to sit surrounded by chairs so she can’t get at them. She has spent so much time being shunned by people in her short life I will not remove her. She is getting better and only nips my clothes when I come home. Sadly my Ma Brown passed away suddenly in November 2014.

​In October 2014 a year to the date of her first TTO Tess has surgery for the second knee. She had been vomiting off and on after her surgery and we presumed it was the meds. One Friday she vomited again late afternoon, and I decided to see a vet Monday. The emergency vet said she was fine and more interested in her knees. I knew she was very ill and worried all night. Next day she came through surgery for septicemia. Sadly she passed away during the night. ​I can’t believe she has gone. I miss my big girl… My Ma Brown had left a huge hole in my heart.


Gemma was the boss. Erns was happy with this arrangement and together they had wonderful times.

Tessa had been beaten up by other dogs in the house so a little afraid of Gems and Erns. Especially Erns as he is very vocal. Due to this Tess has never played with Erns the way Gems did. At first he missed Gems and would carry around their toy or rush to the door thinking she was here. Tess and Erns have a quieter relationship. Tessa is never far from him and always curled up next to each other often with her getting into his kennel or crate with him.

December 2014 Erns was missing Tess so much I became concerned so looked for another Lab. Labs are very hard to find and pups were 9 – 12 months waiting list. Not that I wanted one with a 14 year old in bad health. I decided to adopt an older Pointer. My heart is with Labs and went to have one last look for one. There was a 5 month old chocolate girl. Over 3oo people wanted her. Karma has partial hearing and had problems, but we are getting there. She loves Ernie and he loves her. I think she keeps his younger.

My adorable handful Karma is now 2 and excels at her job SAD (Search and Destroy) When she isn’t chewing holes in the sofa is able to sit still long enough for a quick photo.

I live in New Zealand with 2 Labradors. In 2005 I lost my 3 year old Labrador to bone cancer of the jaw. Feeling helpless seeing a friend fight bone cancer I decided to make handmade collars with 50% of the profits going to the Bone Cancer Dogs Org. for bone cancer research. Together we can make a difference.

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